Friday, 16 November 2012

Tips to check for clean title when you buy a property

For many aspirants who wish to buy a house, searching and choosing it, has been made easy. One can decide on the location, budget and even ask for modification of the house in due course. These issues can be sorted out by property buyers. But when it comes to legal matter regarding the property, one has to go for expert opinion. The reason being, the buyer has limited knowledge on legal matters. That being the case, property buyers should know some basics about legality of the property. It is bit complicated and raises many doubts ones mind, but it is better to know few things which will help them before they buy a property.
  • Ask for all the original documents starting with mother document.
  • Read down the document careful and if in doubt note it down and clear the doubts at once.
  • Find out the nature of the right; it maybe absolute or with condition.
  • Go to the registrar office and check the survey number, boundaries and the location of the property. It will give a better picture.
  • Take a Encumbrance certificate for period of 30 years
  • If one is buying a building then ask for planning permission obtained by the competent authorities
  • Verify whether the seller has paid all the taxes and dues for the particular property.
  • It is better to know about the property owner and his background. It will give the confidence to proceed.
In-case, one goes for a loan for buying a property then every bank has a legal expert to verify the title of the document. This will act as a second check list for them.

But it is always better to go for ones own legal opinion. Thoroughly check the document in original and then circulate among you friends and family member to get their opinion about the property. They will always have a point or few one would have skipped or ignorant about.

Legal opinion is a must for all property transaction and acts as shield for safe transaction.

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