Thursday, 7 February 2013

2012 Easton Real Estate Values Rose By Over $4 Million

2012 Easton Real Estate Values Rose By Over $4 Million
The Connecticut Golf Club is Easton's second highest-valued property at $5,409,830. Photo Credit: Ken Liebeskind
EASTON, Conn. – Real estate values rose in Easton by more than $4 million dollars while motor vehicles dipped $1 million and personal property rose a half million, according to recently released grand list figures from the tax assessor’s office.

The total of all three figures was $1,318,952,257 in taxable property, an increase of $4,120,414 from 2011.

The Aquarion Water Co. of Connecticut had the highest valued real estate at $34,632,670, followed by the Connecticut Golf Club at $5,409,830.

The top residential listings were Salvatore and Marie Gilbertie’s properties at 65 Adams Road at $2,069,550, Mark and Antoinette Greenspan’s home at 144 Morehouse Road at $1,937,410 and Asif Malik’s properties at 119 Judd Road and 82 Rock House Road, valued at $1,729,360.

Easton’s motor vehicles totaled $74,052,690, dropping $1,102,970 from $75,155,660 in 2011.

Personal property values rose to $14,512,921 from $13,969,787.

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