Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Real Estate Business Heats Up as Temperatures Soar

As Southern California on Tuesday sizzled with some spots heating up to triple-digit temperatures, certain businesses were taking advantage of the weather, while other businesses have cooled their heels.

Real estate broker Svetlana Moore said the hot weather sometimes helps agents sell their product.

“If you walk in from a 105 degree temperature to the inside and home is cool, that’s a real sellable point,” Moore said.

She said air conditioning sells. And so does a pool. But in the end, keeping cool is not the best way to make your home a hot ticket item.

“Priority is the price and location,” Moore said. “If they find the right house and the right price, and the market is heating up.”

But if there is no way to cool a home, an after-market air conditioning could run a buyer an additional $5,000 or more, she said.

While real estate may benefit from soaring mercury, it’s not the same for restaurants.

Few braved the heat in Pasadena to sit at outdoor tables in Old Town.

“Maybe one out of 20 will sit outside,” said Cipriano Mota of Barney’s Limited Eatery. “I’m, like, really? You want to sit outside?”

At Barney’s Limited, the air conditioner was blasting.

“I would rather not be outside,” said Pasadena resident Oscar Narro.

Angelenos will start to see cooler weather this week, when NBC4 forecast Fritz Coleman says temperatures will drop by at least 10 degrees across the region.

Source: http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Weather-Real-Estate-Economy-The-Price-of-Heat-172388591.html

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