Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Locals reap real estate benefits

As interstate investors are seeing the opportunities in Whyalla, local resident, Emilie Zimmerman is getting in on the action with two Whyalla properties under her belt.

Ms Zimmerman, and her partner Kieran Patterson purchased their first property in 2005.

"It was half a Housing Trust and we were living there for about six years and did it all up," she said.

After catching the investment bug and wanting something bigger, Emilie and Kieran rented their first property out and purchased their second house where they are currently living today.

"My cousin was actually working in a real estate place and he kept bugging us about it, 'just come and look, I think it would be great for you'," Emilie said.

"We always planned it [buying another property and renting out their existing one] but we weren't actually looking just at the time.

"But then I said, 'come on we'll go have a look.'

"Had a look through it, fell in love with it, kept an eye out, but at the time there wasn't much to choose from on the market and towards the end we just said, 'yep let's do it'."

Two years later and with two properties, they both enjoy living in the Whyalla Norrie area.

"I've always lived in it as far as I can remember but it's good, we're around a few older people, so it's more relaxing and safe," Emilie said.

"I feel like I can walk around the block and everything's fine.

"Everyone's friendly, if you see them in the front yard they say hello.

"It's a comfort zone for me and that's important.

"The comfort zone of knowing so many people after living here for so many years and just the size of it, that's got to mean something because if you do go to a city it's totally different."

With so much advice and information out there regarding buying and investing in properties it is important to do your research first,

"I'd say watch the markets because of all the mining boom going around, but when this boom finally does happen; watch out because so many people are going to miss out and so many new employees are going to be here looking for rentals, and they're all going to miss out," Emilie said.

"But if someone's looking into it, do your research, go from there and be careful what real estate company you go through for management."

As Whyalla's housing demand increases and with interstate and locals also choosing to purchase investment properties in the town, 'you don't know till you take the jump, I wouldn't take it back', Emilie advised.

Source: http://www.whyallanewsonline.com.au/news/local/news/general/locals-reap-real-estate-benefits/2572512.aspx

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